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Join the Santa Fe Family!

Santa Fe Mall occupies +/- 17 acres on the edge of Interstate 85 between Pleasant Hill Rd. and Steve Reynolds Blvd in the heart of Gwinnett County. The fastest growing and one of the most diverse counties in the nation. More than 325,000 vehicles travel southbound on I-85 during rush hour (6:00-9:00 am) every single day. The property is surrounded by a high density of major merchants.

Why choose us?

Santa Fe mall has an architectural design that is warm, inviting and very multicultural. We are a +/- 220,000 square foot interior shopping center with +/- 140,000 square foot of gross leasable area. We have +/a 100 tenants, including a 12 screen, 32,000 square foot movie theater. The mall has been completely remodeled and is over 90% occupied. We are strategically located on Venture Drive bordered by Pleasant Hill Road to the north, Steve Reynolds Blvd. to the south and Interstate 85 to the east, and are conveniently located approximately 20 miles north of Downtown Atlanta!


Our Market Area:


Santa Fe Mall is featured in Gwinnett County’s Community Improvement District project known as Gwinnett Place CID .

The CID states the following: “Santa Fe Mall is an important player in the ongoing success in the area, along with the other 237 commercial properties that make up the Gwinnett Place CID”. Santa Fe Mall will benefit as the district can again become a vibrant, multi-use center that attracts people to its open, interconnected system of streets, sidewalks, and shops.


The CID recently completed the reconstruction of the I-85/Pleasant Hill Road Interchange.

This specific CID project cost approximately $46m, of which $4.8M went directly to improving Venture Drive, a direct benefit for Santa Fe Mall. The plan called for diverting Venture Drive and connecting it to Gwinnett Place as shown on the proposed road interchanges connecting Santa Fe Mall to the Gwinnett Place Mall area. 


More importantly and suitable for a potential investor, the CID endorsed and the county approved projects to build three 28-story mixed-use condominium buildings adjacent to the Gwinnett mall using approximately six acres.


More information on the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District:

  • Created by a volunteer group of area property owners who elected a seven-member board to conduct appropriate project studies amounting to $1.3M including Street Smarts studies with statistics, demographics, population growth charts and road design.

Our Community

The Asian community and more specific the Korean population are extraordinarily strong in the Gwinnett area. Gwinnett is the #1 urban center of choice for Koreans, and Asian Population, over that of Washington DC, Chicago, and other metropolitan areas.

Additionally, a large Latin presence exists as demonstrated in studies mentioned above. Gwinnett Place CID understands and welcomes its population shift and extensive growth emphasizing the need for its proactive approach to help craft the redevelopment vision for greater Gwinnett Place and its urban center.

Improvements made on Pleasant Hill Road at I-85:


The revision of the Pleasant Hill Road and Interstate 85 intersection to create a new single point urban interchange was the highest priority for the CID (Community Improvement District) at the time of its construction. District leaders continue to connect local, state, and federal authorities to bring about a future overhaul of the bottlenecked bridge. (Originally built in 1984 to handle 4,000 travelers each day, the bridge now handles its current overload of 60,000 commuters. This is a major thoroughfare for commuters, trucks, local, and county personnel.)


Improvements to the area consisted of three major components:

• Reconfigured I-85 at Pleasant Hill Road to a single-point urban interchange (SPUI) and provide access management along Pleasant Hill Road.

• Extended southbound collector/distributor (C/D) lanes from existing I-85 at SR 316 project through Pleasant Hill Road to Steve Reynolds Blvd., creating a southbound entrance into the greater Gwinnett Place area.

• Realigned Venture Drive to form 4-way perpendicular intersection with Gwinnett Place Drive and widen it to four lanes with provisions for left turns.

• The SPUI design was selected as the preferred alternative because:

• Studies show that reconstructing the interchange and planned enhancements to Pleasant Hill Road can reduce traffic congestion by as much as 30%.

• Minimal right of way needed compared to right-of-way needed for other types of interchange designs.

• A CID funded Interchange Modification Report was developed to proceed with the project.

• Estimated cost of entire project is approximately $46 Million, SPUI=$15 million, Collector Distributor lanes: $26 million, and Venture Drive Improvement: $4.8 million. 

More information on improvements can be found here.

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